In 2010 the Switch-on of Chatteris Christmas Lights was the 25th since they were officially established and some of the founding members were brought together to take part again. 

We took this opportunity to begin to collect some reminiscences.


The very first Xmas lights to appear in Chatteris, starting the Xmas committee rolling, were provided by G A Payne. Dr W Watson  provided the power for them, illuminating the then grand horse chestnut tree in front of the church.

Amongst the founding committee were a number of local businessmen, some now retired, but others who are still prominent in the town:

John Chambers; Mark Edgley; Liz Graves; Swales Hammond; Steve James; Robert Mandley; Alan Melton; Peter Murphy; David Payne & Graham Saberton.

The lighting display expanded around the town and the first switch-on started with several committee members placed in strategic spots armed with radios waiting for the call to switch on 13A sockets plugged into numerous plug in time clocks.

Most of the wooden backgrounds to many of the wall fittings, which have been a major feature of the display, were constructed by Graham Saberton.

About 90% of the hard wiring on the scheme was  wired by Paynes Electrical Contractors with materials always provided at cost.  

In family tradition David Payne's sister, Rachel Grant, was Treasurer for 15 years. 

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